• 20140807_smoke_

    1/20sec, f5.6, 6400 ISO, 18-55mm at 55mm


    Was sitting around the other day watching some TV and looking at pictures on Flickr (Yes i have become a complete addict on Flickr, mainly because there are so many beautiful images posted) and i decided to grab my camera and play around a bit. Although it was rather a dull and dark day i decided to take this opportunity to see what sort of images i could pull out of the D3200 in extreme low light conditions. Unfortunately i was forced to take it all the way up to 6400 ISO before the flash icon would stop flickering at me but this also gave me a great opportunity to see what sort of images i would capture.

    The image itself surprisingly turned out not that bad at all, which i was surprised at due to me reading a lot online that the D3200 was unable to handle any ISO above 800 as it introduced way to much noise, when i took it into Lightroom and began to play around with the contrast, whites and blacks and the image began to just pop out. I’m not saying that it’s a crystal clear image because once you move into a ratio of 1:3 then you will of course see the noise being introduced, but i feel just sitting looking at it from a normal fill ratio that you could almost not tell that the image was taken at such a high ISO value.

    I must say that i’m pretty impressed that such a basic beginners camera can pull out such a quality image especially when i was only using the kit lens (only lens i have currently)

    As always your opinions and critiques are always appreciated, so don’t hold back and tell me what you think?

  • 7 thoughts on “Smoke.

    1. I have no idea about the picture quality. I am going to buy a D3200 soon as I will be travelling a lot this year. This actually really helps. Thank you.

      I am more good at composition and aesthetics than the technical side. So I think the composition looks great. 🙂

      May I ask what is your take on Depth of Field (DoF) for D3200? I really like that effect.


    2. To be honest i’m not the person to answer that question as i am still trying to work out DoF myself.
      I’ve tried taking some landscape shots and to me they look blurry and out of focus, but that could be due to the fact that i am using the kit lens and every time i have taken a landscape shot it’s been handholding the camera, which could be causing camera shake. I keep forgetting the rule that your shutter speed needs to be faster than your focal lengh (i.e. if your at 55m then you need a faster shutter speed that 1/55 to compensate for camera shake)

      I have recently purchased myself a tripod so i need to get out and see what sort of landscape pictures i can grab with it without having camera shake.

      But the camera itself is pretty decent if i’m honest, if your looking for something to wet your feet with then it’s a good little camera, i just need to get out there more and take more images and see what it can really do, i always say to myself “this weekend i’m going to get out and take hundreds of pictures”, but then when the weekend comes i end up doing something else and not taking many pictures at all. Plus the fact i’m still battling that feeling when i go out with my DSLR that people look at me like “hey! look at that weird guy out here with a DSLR camera taking pictures” where in reality they probably don’t care.

      There are also a few Flickr groups you could check out which has loads of images taken with the D3200 so you can see yourself the quality of the images your able to capture. I think if i had some better lens i could probably do a lot more with the camera, but currently i don’t have the funds so i’m stuck with the kit lens which is a good lens from what i can make out but like i said i need to get out and take more pictures.

      Thanks for the comments though, it’s always nice to get feedback from people, especially those who have a little bit more know how on subjects like composition and aesthetics. I should really spend a day learning up on composition, i’ve taken a quick look at the rule of thirds etc but i know that there is alot more to learn, and i think if you understand the fundamentals of photography all the technical stuff will come in time.

      Sorry for the long reply, but wanted to write exactly what i thought/felt.


      • Thank you so much Ben 🙂 I was really looking for a long reply myself. I am just starting out with the camera and I may have good photo opportunities coming, so it is really nice to talk about it with someone on the learning stage like myself.

        I will check the Flickr groups. Seems like there must be a lot to learn there. Thanks for the suggestion.

        You are right about the tripod, it seems necessary to keep the camera stable. You know what, now I am actually waiting to see your landscape results, so you should go out and take those photos as soon as you can 🙂

        It seems lenses are quite important, I go through the WordPress nature tag every now and then and I do see a lot of lenses mentioned on different photos. For now, I will also start with the lens that comes in the kit. I think the picture quality is pretty nice, looking at this picture.

        Thanks for explaining the shutter speed and focal length rule. Well I will be buying the camera in a couple of days, I will see how this rule works.

        It is so lovely to discuss this with you. Thank you so much for the great response. 🙂 If possible, do put up landscape shots soon.


        • I couldn’t agree more, I find myself at times very frustrated with the outcome of some of my images when I get home especially when I don’t understand why things have happened but it’s getting better and I’m leaning more and more each day.
          It’s especially awesome to get feedback and critique from people especially when there expertise lie in other fields and I feel it’s important that we learn each other 😉

          I’ll try and get a landscape shot up soon, but I’ll need to see what sort of time I’ve had, unfortunately where I love is rather boring (mainly farmland) so trying to find a nice landscape to capture is not the easiest but I’ll see what I can do for you 😉


    3. I say embrace the noise.

      The first month with my camera I did everything humanly possible to keep the ISO at 100. By accident I switched the camera to Auto ISO mode when I went shooting and came back with a whole mess of pics in the full range of ISO possibilities, including ISO 250,000. I was stunned how good the images were. In fact, I’ve been learning what kind of images I can shoot for effect in high ISO.

      Seems like you’re getting comfortable in Lightroom. Have you tried working with the Detail pane under Development? If and when the noise does something you don’t like, it can take care of it and give you creative control of your images.

      I like this image. I think it came out much better than the dog because the dark colors in the cat seamlessly blend into the background while the dog has a definite contrast. The fine hairs on the dog and the direct light hitting the edges of the animal give those edges a fuzzy feeling this image doesn’t have.

      Good work! 🙂


      • Thanks so much for the feedback, I haven’t played around with the detail panel but I’ll need to check it out.
        Your so right about the high ISO’s though, I read so many posts saying the d3200 was so bad at high ISO and the images were unusable etc so I decided to try it out for myself and was amazed with the results.
        Unfortunately these last few weeks I’ve been finding it hard to find time to shoot anything, due to life getting in the way but I’m hoping that changes soon 🙂


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