• WaitingSo myself and my wife took a trip out to a small town called Hjo and we spotted this old lady who decided half way through her little walk around town that she would just randomly stop and take a seat and looked like she was waiting on something.
    Perhaps she was who knows?

    As always any feedback or critique is always appreciated so if you feel there was something I could have done better then please don’t hesitate to point it out.


  • 2 thoughts on “Waiting.

    1. The framing is nicely done. She sits between two people who are active in the background. She has a blue cast from being in the shade while the more active have a warm cast from being in the sun. Is that last bit intentional?


      • If I’m honest no, but I tried a lot of different things yesterday while playing around with Lightroom and this was the only result that made me happy, but I think the end result was pretty good for being a complete novice to Lightroom. Unfortunately due to time I have still been unable to find the proper time to sit and get acquainted with the program, so I’m basically going on feeling while I move the sliders up and down.


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