Country Footpath

  • Country Footpath

    Seeing as I have only added black & white photo’s I thought I would hit my archives and finally add one of my colour pictures for a change, this image was taken just outside of the Varnhem’s Church, which in itself is beautiful but I really liked the symmetry of this small footpath.


    As always opinions and thoughts on improvements are always welcome and appreciated.


  • 4 thoughts on “Country Footpath

    1. I like this shot — and this new (blog) theme. The white from the background brings out the colors in the photo nicely, and without lots of stuff to compete with the image.

      This shot is well balanced, good symmetry. The colors stand out nicely. Have you tried bringing out the green in the distance? I’ve taken a liking to the Clarity feature in Lightroom. If you want to experiment you could paint clarity over that back bit to bring out the greens and see how that affects your overall composition.


      • Thanks once more for the tips, I actually took this picture before getting Lightroom so have made no edits to it at all, it was just taken and then posted, but now i might just have to take a look at it with Lightroom and see how your ideas look.


      • Haha it certainly is, I’m just getting into using it now. Although not had much time due to work and life but what I have seen done with it is pretty impressive.
        I really look forward to spending some time sitting with it and playing around 🙂


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