Putting Down Roots.

  • Putting Down RootsAnother image taken from my little walk around my home town, as I was walking the normal route that I take with our dog, I noticed that there was a track that lead out into the woods. This is some place that I have never really went before so I decided that I would take a look at what there was on the of chance I could capture something.

    As I was walking down the forest path I noticed to my right there was a small stream and as I made my way closer I then noticed these roots firmly placed into the water.

    I just really like the nature of this image, but what do you think? Please feel free to drop me a comment or a critique in how the image could have been improved, I am always looking for a new prospective.

  • 6 thoughts on “Putting Down Roots.

    1. It’s a nice image. As you’ve asked for possible suggestions, did you try increasing your highlights to bring out the reflection in the water? Or decreasing the dark tones for draw out the details in the roots?


      • As with photography I am a complete novice when it comes to post editing, I just picked up a copy of Lightroom 5 at the weekend so this was one of my first edits but I’ll have a look at what you have suggested maybe there is a chance for improvement 🙂

        Thanks very much for the feedback and tips, it’s always appreciated


        • I got Lightroom about two weeks ago. Have you found the tutorials on the site? They’ve been invaluable. I just put Lightoom on my iPad and iPhone this morning. It’s really useful.


        • Nope I didn’t realize they had them, although makes sense. I will check them out when I get home from work. Thanks for the heads up!


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